Board of Directors

NeighborWorks® of Grays Harbor County's board of directors is made up of representatives of financial institutions, business, local government and local residents.  The term of service is three years.  Approximately one third of the board comes up for election each year.  Many of our board members have a long history of serving as directors.  The average of the present board is slightly over fifteen years.  The year on the right after each name represents the year each board member joined NeighborWorks®.


Officers/Executive Committee

Edward Quijada, President  (2004)

resident/financial representative

Bill Sidor, 1st Vice President (2004)

resident/business representative

Ty Palmer, 2nd Vice President  (2006)

financial representative

Donna McCallum, Secretary (2002)

G.H. County representative

Terri Degner, Treasurer  (2006)

financial representative



Will Foster  (1999)

business representative

Bonnie Gilovich  (1989)

resident representative

Alan Gozart  (1988-97) (2006)

resident representative

Larry Lauritzen  (1981)

resident representative

Bob Waite  (1997)

City of Aberdeen representative

M. Diane Peters  (1995)

resident representative

Michael Sand  (1989)

financial representative

Norm Sprague  (1991)

resident representative

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