Home Owner Loan Programs

Loan rates and ranges vary depending on program requirements. Loans, whenever possible, are tailored to the homeowner's needs and circumstances.  Currently loans are available only for owner-occupied single family homes and owner-occupied multi-family up to four units. 

Home Improvement Loan Program

Loans are available to low, moderate and middle-income homeowners for fixing-up homes. Special emphasis is placed on health and safety issues and items such as structural, electrical, plumbing, heating and weatherization. Loan amounts and rates vary depending on funding availability and or restrictions.

Home Ownership Down Payment Program

Loans are available for down payment and/or closing costs for owner-occupied home purchases. Loans may also include money for rehab repairs that need to be completed. These loans can be a second position lien behind a bank loan or first position lien on owner-held contract.

Loan Programs Assistance Area:

Grays Harbor County








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