Nailing It Down  

By Dave Murnen

and Pat Beaty

Since June of 1999 "Nailing it Down" articles have appeared every sunday in our local newspaper The Daily World. NeighborWorks® of Grays Harbor County has collaborated with local newspapers, elected officials and local experts to publish articles covering hundreds of topics.  

From our first articles about moisture (a real problem in our area) to subsequent articles pertaining to property taxes, landlord/tenant issues, fire safety during holidays, the importance of building inspectors, etc., etc. NeighborWorks® has attempted to cover the entire spectrum of housing-related issues. 

To date NeighborWorks® has published over 580 articles. 

To access some of our earlier articles (#1 thru #10) click on the appropriate link below. 

Note: This page is always under construction and we will be adding articles and rearranging them as time permits.

#1 Moisture- it takes a toll on homes

#2 Moisture: Public enemy #1 to homes

#3 Going to the top: inspecting your roof

#4 Remodeling: Making the dream a reality

#5 Need some help with your remodel?

#6 Building officials: friends or foes

#7 Take advantage of buyer's market

#8 Tracking down helpers in your hunt for a home

#9 Some tips for picking a real estate agent

#10 Inspectors critical in home buying process


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